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At a Glance

Activities [February 2013 – January 2015]

  • 01. Opening and Closing Conference
  • 02. Capacity building for staff and volunteers of Community Radio Stations
  • 2.1 Baseline Study
  • 2.2 Training on How to keep going on CR Stations (Community Radio Station Management)
  • 2.3 Training on CR Development News and CR Reporting
  • 2.4 Training on CR Development Advertisement (Skill & Theory)
  • 2.5 Training on Role of Community Radio in local government
  • 2.6 Training on CR governance
  • 2.7 Training on Art of development drama in CR
  • 2.8 Training on CR Sustainability
  • 2.9 Training on CR Program Production and Editing
  • 2.10 Training on CR Technical
  • 2.11 Training on Community Mobilization and Audience Research
  • 03. Provide Equipment support to BNNRC
  • 04. Provide Equipment support to CR Stations
  • 05. Program Content development, – 600 program contents in 14 radio stations (Script, research, recording, on-air)
  • 06. Program Content distribution & broadcasting collect feedback from the audience
  • 07. Awareness raising Campaigns (Organize seminar, discussion, debate and rally) in 16 CR locations on 8 development topics
  • 08. Advocacy and Lobby meeting with the policy makers on Community Television and sustainability of Community radio-3 meetings
  • 09. Organize talk show on Community Media through Electronic Media-4 talk shows
  • 10. Strengthening Community Media Academy-Further development of 10 Training Curriculum
  • 11. Organize 1-day orientation for new initiators through community radio help desk-30 participants
  • 11. Knowledge Exchange visit within CR Stations (20 persons)
  • 12. Strengthening/supporting Community Radio News Agency.
  • 13. Media Mobilization (Visit radio stations by Media professionals)
  • 14. Publication of Community Radio Handbook-1000 copies
  • 15. Publication of Community Radio Book let-2000 copies
  • 16. Publication of Community Radio Directory-2000 copies
  • 17. Publication of Monthly News letter-2000 copies/month
  • 18. Website development and maintenance

Campaigns on Right to Information

During the project period BNNRC will organize 8 awareness-raising campaigns on the importance of using the Right to Information Act (access to information) to demand transparency and as a way to fight corruption. The different forms of campaign will include: Seminar, discussion, debate, rally etc.The campaigns will be held at Radio station sites and some of those will be organized at central level. The topics of the campaigns will cover several issues, for example- allocation & distribution of local budgets, Local development Plan of LEBs, Anti-corruption, Freedom of Press, RTI, Land rights, Access to Resources and Fairer Institutions