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Intervention Details

Opening and Closing Conferences

As the opening conference, the closing conference is to be organized in Dhaka at the end of the project period. During the conference the consolidated results and outputs of the project will be showcased, including discussions on lessons learned, shared experiences, replication models and impact. The conference will also present …

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Awareness Raising Campaigns

During the project period BNNRC will organize 8 awareness-raising campaigns on the importance of using the Right to Information Act (access to information) to demand transparency and as a way to fight corruption. The form and topics of the campaigns are shown in the table below: Campaign Topic Target Group …

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Developing Strategy for Sustainability of Community Media

TTo be able to develop a comprehensive strategy for sustainability of community radio BNNRC will initiate and take part in a number of stakeholders meetings with community radios and their staff, community radio listeners and radio clubs, volunteers, government representatives and local businesses representatives. The strategy will be developed in …

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Capacity Building for BNNRC

In the course of the project period BNNRC is to increase its capacity in the following areas: Strengthening the BNNRC Community Radio Academy Strengthening the BNNRC Community Radio Help Desk Advice and Facilitation (Knowledge Management) Lobby and Advocacy With Government Institutional Support for BNNRC Publications and Publicity support to build …

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Program Production and broadcasting

There is a target of producing 1200 radio programs by the CR Stations in the course of two years. The general program formats are news and current affairs, informative programs, talk shows, magazine-type programs, local entertainment and music, and sports.Specific program formats are public service announcements, personal announcements and personal …

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Capacity Building for Staff and Volunteers of Community Radio Stations

Capacity building of the staff and volunteers of community radio stations through trainings, learning by doing workshops and on-the-job coaching is one of the primary focus areas of the proposed project. More than 150 participants and additionally around 600 young students will benefit from the trainings and are expected to …

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