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Program Production and broadcasting

There is a target of producing 1200 radio programs by the CR Stations in the course of two years. The general program formats are news and current affairs, informative programs, talk shows, magazine-type programs, local entertainment and music, and sports.Specific program formats are public service announcements, personal announcements and personal life stories, village debates, weekly forum (weekly phone with panel discussions).

Each station is to produce a minimum of 60 programs per year. Each program should have an average duration of 20 to 30 minutes. The programs are to broadcast twice a week in prime time.

The community radio stations participating in the action broadcast on FM frequencies each within a radius of 17 km of the transmission centre.

Next to having low set up and production costs, community radio is affordable and portable. An estimated audience of more than 40 million people is expected to be reached with the production and distribution of the programs proposed by the action.