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The project distinguishes several stakeholders: the lead applicant, the implementing local partner, the participating community radio stations (including their staff and volunteers), the trainers, community radio initiators and representatives of government (national and local) and regulatory authorities.

The two project partners (Free Press Unlimited as lead applicant and BNNRC as local implementing partner) bring their extensive previous experience in implementing similar actions in the country. Their experience and knowledge is incorporated in the various activities and responsibilities in such a way that the action can benefit from the specific competencies and strengths of each partner.

The community radio stations have an essential role in program production and distribution according to the action planning. Community radio stations staff and volunteers are responsible for quality production and for making sure that important community issues are reflected in the programs to be produced. The management of the community radio stations together with the local implementing partner and in consultation with the project steering committee is responsible for selecting participants for the trainings and facilitation of on-the-job training and coaching activities. They are also responsible for providing regular input on the program production process and content for monitoring purposes. At the moment 14 CR stations are in operation throughout country. They are: Radio Padma, Nalta,Loko Betar,Pollikontho,Sagar Giri,Radio Mahananda,Radio Mukti,Radio Chilmari,Radio Jhenuk,Krishi Radio, Radio Barendra,Radio Naf,Radio Sundarban and Radio Bikrampur. 02 new Radio stations have been added to the list after getting licensee from the Ministry recently.The locations are 02 off-shore islands namely –Hatiya (Noakhali) and Char fashion (Bhola).

The trainers (local and international)

The trainers (local and international) are responsible for designing and execution of training programs in cooperation with the two project partners. Trainers are also responsible for collecting feedback from the trainees and provide input to the senior project manager for monitoring and evaluation.

Community radio initiators

Community radio initiators (those that are awaiting licenses and are not yet operational) will actively participate in discussions and campaigns, and will be involved in the process of drafting the community radio sustainability strategy and the community radio handbook.

Representatives of government and regulatory authorities

Representatives of government and regulatory authorities will be actively involved in discussions, debates and campaigns in defining ways to effectively use community media in the process of drafting policies and executing decisions concerning poverty reduction, democratic governance, development and use of right to information to fight corruption.